Software for Smart Cities of the Future

Our innovative solution help make cities more efficient, resilient and sustainable..

Capital Project Management

Manage commercial projects over their lifecycle by integrating functions across applications and systems.

Intelligent Asset Management

Analyze the critical performance of assets and optimize maintenance strategies.

Work Order Management

Plan and schedule maintenance tasks synchronizing labor, material, equipment, and schedules.

Integrated Infrastructure Intelligence®

Make better desions with accurate and real-time insights using GIS

Join the Smart City revolution

Infrastructure management for cloud, desktop and mobile

Integrated Inspection Management

Simplifying the way inspection work is managed on-site by providing the correct information at the right time, in an easily managed workflow.

Inspection Management

Our Inspection Management software streamlines inspection tasks: create forms and checklists, schedule inspections, track corrective actions to completion.

Technician Mobile App

Field staff can create and update work orders, assets and receive instructions on their tablet or smartphone from anywhere.

Meters and Events

Set up the automatic meter and events that remind field staff when they’re due inspection or service and update the status electronically.

Predictive Maintenance Solution

Move from reactive to predictive maintenance and service with Simplifyi3®

Mobile Asset Management

Enable mobile maintenance processes to improve technician productivity, asset uptime, and safety.